Labouring A Baby Heart

These days are hard
I’m pregnant with too many feelings.
Anyway, it was bound to happen one day right?
The impending process of labour
was supposed to visit me one day
and Hah! Joke’s on my sex
as they always have known
very well acquainted
from the day they are born
till the fateful menopause
Yet they always let it happen
absolutely passive to the budding emotions!

Why do I keep getting pregnant?
It shouldn’t be only my job 
to labour feelings out of love!
Look now, my daily activities
have become laborious chores
and it’s hard to carry a baby heart
inside my system
that pulls my veins
shocks me with pins and needles
while I brush my teeth or look myself in the mirror
watching my face drowning in tears!

All it does is cry
and trust me it’s hard
to make a report and listen to your boss
with a sad heart breeding inside you!

Keep it happy?
Oh, been there done that!
Playing with other hearts gave it scratches,
indulging and bringing in sweet things
made it too spoiled and too trusting.

I scold it from the outside
and it hates me now!
Guess, I’ll be delivering a cold baby heart
and it will grow up without a daddy
Only if boys could get pregnant,
but oh no! It’s a woman’s job to feel
to accept, to be faithful and carry
all empathy and give, only give
till she reaches her menopause
and her baby making faculties have gone cold and old
and she turns into a sphinx
-the rejects of the society!

Only if boys were taught to feel and cry in the open
in the presence of many souls
with no shame to breed hearts
no sex bar, if only they were warned
that one day they can also get pregnant with feelings
and instead of running away and hide
worse, KILLING it
they can share and donate their baby heart
to someone who craves their Love and want to raise it with them.

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