You can love even when you think can’t

I have been reading a lot of astrology these days to understand why I fail and why I fail at the same lesson I have been taught so many times. And to think you heart break the way everyone’s does is stupid. It breaks like it should break but for different reasons that are hard to comprehend. I have my Pieces at my Seventh house and all those ‘gurus of astrology’, in fact more practical astrologers say, it’s the house of the ‘other’. This ‘other’ is a part of you that you don’t consciously own or accept. It is the part that’s behind you and you are running away from. However, in life since no one knows their destination, we are running our yin towards our yang. Our yang, our other half and our soul mate, if you believe in this corny theory.

My Virgo ascendant,all that I accept and own, says Soul mate and love is shit! My heart has gone through many bitter experiences to support this negative take on it. However, I was extremely moved by the idea that the way I was failing, the reasons and the frustrating thing about love for me has been a constant all this time. My problem with love is confusion and how it shakes up my world that I keep balanced with all my remaining energy. It happens to me like a whirlwind. Here I am spending most of my life picking up the pieces and I do a barely there job at it (everyone’s struggling, pfft!)and here comes love inside me, maturing, labouring, twisting and turning and with its one windy touch, my well balanced twig leaf castle of a life gets demolished. Still, for the Libra and Virgo in me, I know how to clean up the mess, at least the external one. But this, inside- mental and emotional world of mine is always left in a huge mess that’s hard to clean.

Time is the best cleaner of your mess.

And I thought I could never love the way I had before and maybe it’s just not for me. Hell No!

We want this great story of love we have heard by many people. We want that to happen to us in any possible way. We want love because we have been giving it so much to so many people, sometimes unconsciously. Humans in the same universe, that’s who we are.

Breath. Fall in love with Time.

Spread love!

It means that you have a big heart and you value love in your life. And you accept people with their short comings. Your love is unbiased.

It’s okay, it’s alright!

It means you love with all your heart and energy and it leaves you empty after you have given it to someone who doesn’t fill your heart the same way. It means you will have to take time to fill this heart-tank with more self love and once you are full, you are ready and safe to share it with a better one.

At the end, you are anyway moving towards your seventh house, either you choose to marry or not. This seventh house is a part of you, is that shadow you think you are not but people can see you are. This seventh house is going to complete you, if you have been feeling hollow and lonely right now.Give yourself some credits for being someone who actually have the ability to heal and heal others with your love.

There are people who have been loving you all your life to teach you how to love again!

And the sweetest slice of life is, we all have that seventh house. Thus, we may not love alike, or act alike, but we all are moving towards love and a completion.

We are not alone and we will find someone who think they can’t love anymore but will love us with all their heart!

Yeah, we will get there in time!

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