Magical Fountain of Broken Love

She found a fountain in the garden of love

with a shattered soul ,a battered body,

and blinded by the fountain’s beauty.

The water forced against the gravity,

her tears accepted the earthly pull.

Falling from her cheeks to water.

It was her find.

And she swore to protect it.

Magical! Impossible!

The sheet of water formed a mirror,

showing the faces and lives of lands,

She had never been to.

She talked everyday to the water,

water absorbed her words.

One day, water showed her a man

that soon took a leading role in her dreams.

The man spoke and she heard something,

for the first time, she heard a voice.

Soon he became her only secret.

Years passed by,

they talked through the fountain.

Till the day, she dared to feel water by her fingers,

she dared to want more than just a face.

But his face dissolved and blurred.

The fountain never brought him back

She pleaded and moaned

but for not once water relented

He was too far and long gone.

After the years of forgetful memories,

she saw him!

In the flea market

In real flesh and blood.

She touched his hand

To feel how real this can be!

He jerked

His touch she had imagined through water

couldn’t possibly be of the same man?

Was the fountain real?

Was she sane?


the face in front of her,

didn’t recognize her.

Was love just made of magic, or

could her love thrive in the real life?

Was it possible to believe in her memories,

or as the time went on

the truth became an illusion?

For the magical fountain still existed,

and she visited it everyday for answers.

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